In Other News

CFA BOARD ENDORSES SEPTEMBER 8 EVENTS ON CLIMATE CHANGE: Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice is an international movement that will take action on six continents to link the issues and challenge anti-intellectual science deniers. California’s main event on Sept. 8 is in San Francisco, with lead-up activities around the state in the preceding weeks.

CFA Secretary Kevin Wehr asked the CFA Board to endorse the event and called for CFA members to participate. He says, “We university faculty need to be out there taking a stand for science, for knowledge, and for the future of our planet. This is a decisive moment in which we really can say that truth is truth.”

2018 CFA HANDBOOKS FOR LECTURER AND COUNSELOR FACULTY NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE: New editions of these two much-acclaimed CFA Handbooks are available now on the Lecturers’ Council web page and the Counselor Faculty Committee web page. Both explain the many new terms in the Contract, including opportunities for eligible Lecturers and Librarians on temporary appointments to gain Range Elevations, and the salary raises that go along with an elevation. There are details about eligibility and the application process, which are important because, even if you are eligible, you still have to apply.

NOW ON THE CFA BOARD OF DIRECTORS: San Marcos CFA member Sharon Elise, sociology, assumed a new officer seat on the board as CFA Associate Vice President-South for Affirmative Action. She serves alongside founding AVP for Affirmative Action Cecil Canton, who continues his role in the north.

CFA also has new chairs of committees who serve on the board. Sacramento CFA member Nicki Mehta, education, now heads the CFA Membership & Organizing Committee, continuing the work of D.D. Wills who retired after years of developing “M&O” to keep CFA strong. The CFA Librarians’ Committee is now chaired by San José CFA member Paul Kauppila, and the CFA Retired Faculty Committee is chaired by retired SLO CFA member Rich Saenz, physics. Congrats and thanks from all to all for your service to our faculty union.