In Other News…

READ ALL ABOUT IT: A recent article by Meg K. Guliford in The Washington Post provides first-person perspective on how racism permeates academia and links to an article on cultural taxation by Cecil Canton, CFA’s Associate VP of Affirmative Action North.

The article, “Even progressive academics can be racist. I’ve experienced it firsthand.” walks readers through personal reflections and research showing the struggle women of color, particularly Black women, face in their careers within the academy.

Click here to read the Washington post article. And be sure to check out Dr. Canton’s 2013 article, “The ‘cultural taxation’ of faculty of color in the Academy.”

WATCH AND LEARN: Did you miss seeing CFA activists take on Chancellor White and the CSU Board of Trustees last week? We’ll help get you up to speed.

Last week, CFA leaders questioned Trustees on their budgetary priorities on Tuesday, and supported the mother of a slain Humboldt State student, and called on the CSU administration to better protect students during the Wednesday plenary session.

CFA also issued an open letter to White and Trustees, which can be read here.

The two-day meeting is available to watch via a recorded webcast.

  • To view CFA members’ comments to the Board about budget priorities on Tuesday, click here.

    • The comments to the Education Policy Committee are made at 00:12:51.
    • Comments to the Finance Committee are made at 00:02:40.
  • Click here to watch the plenary session.
    • CFA speakers begin addressing the Board at 00:12:50.

TUNE IN: It’s been nearly a year since CFA launched the podcast “Radio Free CSU,” and our inaugural series, “Stronger Together.” In that time, we’ve released six episodes focused on the Guiding Principles of our Anti-Racism and Social Justice Transformation. Have you taken a few minutes to listen?

In each episode, CFA leaders discuss one of the principles with host Audrena Redmond. And in a special episode of the podcast, Redmond has a conversation about a “Race-Class Narrative to Unite Working People” with experts Tinselyn Simms, of SEIU’s Racial Justice Center, and Anika Fassia, of Demos.

Click here to see a list of available podcasts on our website. Or to listen in iTunes, click here.

JOIN NOW: Since 1983, the California Faculty Association has been representing faculty in the California State University system. We bargain the contract that includes salary increases, provides health benefits, and protects working conditions and faculty rights. And together, we are stronger! If you have not yet become a proud CFA member, take a minute to watch this video on what union membership means, and join CFA today!