In Other News…

FIGHT(ING) FOR YOUR RIGHTS: Earlier this month, faculty rights advocates from CSU chapters around the state met at CFA’s Sacramento office to train on faculty rights topics.

The meeting focused on best practices, organizing around and in support of grievances, lecturer appointment rights, settlement drafting, and other items of interest to faculty who fight on behalf of faculty.

“Our faculty rights representatives and staff fight every day to enforce the contract and empower faculty,” said David Bradfield, CFA’s Representation Committee Chair. “They are a truly dedicated group of activists, and all faculty benefit from their hard work.”

Faculty rights representatives in attendance included: Loren Cannon (Humboldt), Dana Collins (Fullerton), Susan Frawley (Chico), Antonio Gallo (Northridge), Melissa Gibson (Fresno), Gina Hanson (San Bernardino), Nichelle Henderson (Los Angeles), Michael Henderson (San Marcos), Neil Hultgren (Long Beach), Marlyn Jones (Sacramento), Mark Karplus (East Bay), Lisa Kawamura (SLO), Martha Kinkade (San Diego), Yeon-Shim Lee (San Francisco), Jennifer Lillig (Sonoma), Mark Martinez (Bakersfield), Ali Moradmand (Maritime Academy), Monica Pereira (Channel Islands), Preston Rudy (San Jose), La Tanya Skiffer (Dominguez Hills), and Frederik Vermote (Monterey Bay).

Staff present included: David Berman, Blanca Castañeda, Jason Conwell, Craig Flanery, Bryan Justman, Beka Langen, Jessica Lawless, Eric Lerner, Maureen Loughran, Sue Pak, Terri Prall, Terry Scott, Kathy Sheffield, V. Jesse Smith, and Jackie Teepen.

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