In Other News…

GET IN THE KNOW: The CSU Board of Trustees are scheduled to talk about the proposed state budget allocation request, student mental health services, and executive compensation at its next meeting, which will be held Nov. 13-14 at the CSU Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach.

With budget season on the horizon, Trustees plan to ask for an additional $456 million in general state funding. Their proposed CSU budget also assumes $98.3 million in new tuition revenue from proposed enrollment growth of 5 percent.

CFA activists will be at the meeting to vocalize faculty perspectives on several key areas of the meeting, and you can watch online via Livestream. Open session begins at 9:45 am on Tuesday, Nov. 13.

Click here to view the CSU Board of Trustees agenda.

POSITIVE STEPS: CSU Chancellor Tim White and Trustee Adam Day visited the Humboldt State campus on Monday, Nov. 5 to meet with students, faculty, staff, and community members regarding the 2017 murder of Humboldt student David Josiah Lawson and efforts to improve campus safety.

The meeting with the Justice for Josiah Committee and CFA Humboldt Chapter President Renée Byrd, CFA Associate VP of Affirmative Action North Cecil Canton, and Audrena Redmond, ARSJT Coordinator, took place at the request of Charmaine Lawson, Josiah Lawson’s mother. Charmaine Lawson has been appealing to the CSU Board of Trustees for their help in seeking resolution in the case and improving campus safety for all students.

During the meeting, which also included Humboldt State President Lisa Rossbacher, CSU Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Loren Blanchard, CSU Chief of Staff Lars Walton,  the discussion centered on student and faculty safety, housing availability, and funding for student centers and student employment opportunities.

Trustee Day confirmed that the CSU administration will be working on the safety and housing issues, and will work on improving student centers and their funding at HSU.

UPDATE TIME: CFA’s Representation Policy was recently updated by the Representation Committee and the revisions were approved by the CFA Board of Directors during the CFA Assembly in October. The representation policy guides faculty about how and when we represent members in grievances, discipline appeals, enforcement of rights, and more.

The Board approved the new policy to ensure our commitment to Anti-Racism and Social Justice principles is reflected in all aspects of CFA’s work.

Click here to review the updated Representation Policy