In Other News

CFA BACKS OAKLAND AND LOS ANGELES TEACHERS: As K-12 teachers approach a possible strike as soon as January, and a December 15 march for public education takes shape in downtown Los Angeles, CFA has signed onto an Open Letter of Support, which is part of a national “”Red for Ed” campaign. Also declaring “Red for Ed,” Chicago charter school teachers went on strike this week, the first charter school teachers to strike in the nation.

The campaign draws on data from the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, which finds public schools in the U.S. are now underfunded by $580 billion, when they have many more students of color and low-income students.

“The K-12 teachers of Los Angeles and Oakland want the same things that we want and have fought for in the CSU,” says CFA President Jennifer Eagan. “We all want fair pay. We all want reasonable class sizes and more mental health counselors, librarians and professional support services for students. We need to stand together for public education from pre-school to Ph.D.”