In Other News…

STRENGTH & SOLIDARITY: Dozens of faculty, students, and community allies showed up at the LA County Courthouse last week to support for CFA member and justice activist Melina Abdullah, who is being targeted for holding police accountable for their actions.

Dr. Abdullah was arrested on suspicion of battery on a police officer and resisting arrest during a police commission hearing. The aunt of Wakeisha Wilson was arrested during the meeting after allegedly having thrown ashes at the police chief. Wilson died in police custody in 2016.

Abdullah, who is a Black Lives Matter Los Angeles leader, routinely attends police commission meetings to speak and engage in civic activism.

The court date was continued until February 7.

CFA activists are encouraged to call LA City Attorney Mike Feuer at (213) 978-8100 and insist that charges against Abdullah be dropped.

To watch A Good Day LA television interview with Abdullah, click here.