In Other News…

FACULTY RIGHTS ARE OUR RIGHTS: On Friday, Feb. 8, faculty rights representatives from CSU campuses gathered at a conference at San Francisco State. The San Francisco CFA Chapter hosted a fantastic event with its faculty rights panel leading the discussion on the development and work of a faculty rights committee.

Participants also learned more about faculty rights basics, Lecturer appointments, RTP, arbitration decisions, and issues pertaining specifically to Counselors, Coaches, and Librarians.  

Unions like CFA do not function without the dedication and selflessness of faculty members who volunteer their time to assist their colleagues with workplace problems. If you are interested in participating in faculty rights work, please contact your CFA Chapter executive board.

VICTORY: Charges were dropped in the case of CFA Activist and Cal State LA Professor Melina Abdullah, a Black Lives Matter leader who was recently targeted for her activism by the LA Police Commission.

The negotiated agreement followed hundreds of phone calls to the LA City Attorney by colleagues and supporters, along with an 11,000 signature-strong petition, rallies, and demonstrations at the county courthouse.

The LA Times reported that Abdullah and her attorney credited supporters with helping pressure the city attorney’s office into what they termed a “surrender.”

“How many of y’all called Mike Feuer every single day?” Abdullah shouted to cheers. “This is not the city attorney’s office coming after Melina Abdullah. This was the city attorney’s office coming after black protest.”

Click here to read the LA Times article.

OEA NEEDS YOU: CFA supports Oakland Education Association and their potential strike, and the CFA Board of Directors showed its solidarity with Oakland teachers this weekend during its meeting Saturday, Feb. 9 at CFA Headquarters. 

Ninety-five percent of OEA members voted to strike during a recent authorization vote. OEA, which is fighting for smaller class sizes, fair teacher salaries, and more support staff, could be heading for a strike soon. The union is asking people to volunteer to help. Click here for more information and to fill out the volunteer form.