In Other News

OPPOSITION TO NEW RESTRICTIONS ON CAL STATE L.A. ADMISSIONS: Declaring No To Impaction, a group of faculty, staff and students are fighting campus President Covino’s plan to declare impaction at Cal State Los Angeles, which will make it harder for students in East and South Los Angeles to get into college, and would cut seats for 600 new students a year. Some see the move as gentrification of a university historically serving working class, first-generation Black and Latinx students from the local communities. 

The Cal State LA administration will conduct a public forum at 6 pm on Thursday, Feb. 21  in the University Union Theatre where it will try to defend its new and unprecedented exclusionary admissions policy. Faculty, staff, and students who oppose the impaction plan will gather in the Student Union lobby at 5 pm before the forum for interviews and to educate one another about the planned policy.

Cal State L.A. student Ivonne Franco explained her opposition to the impaction plan in this essay, “Don’t Gentrify our University.”

NORTHRIDGE SENATE VOTES ‘NO CONFIDENCE’ IN CSU CHANCELLOR: The CSU Northridge Academic Senate adopted a vote of no confidence in CSU Chancellor Timothy White late last week. The vote has been a long time in coming, motivated by two executive orders the Chancellor issued in 2017 to change general education and remediation in the CSU.

The orders prompted backlash among faculty not only due to their substance but also because so little effort had been made to consult with faculty or to consider faculty’s experience in teaching students before declaring the changes. In fact, over the last 18 months, the CSU systemwide Academic Senate (ASCSU), the California conference of the AAUP, and CFA, as well as 22 of 23 campus senates, contended the lead-up to issuing the executive orders lacked adequate faculty consultation.

The No-Confidence Resolution notes an unrealistic timeline to implement the changes, and that the stated goals have no substantiation in actual data, among many other points. Read it in full here.

THE CFA CAPITOL CHAPTER JOINS IN A TALK ABOUT CUBA: CFA’s Sacramento Capitol Chapter will welcome Miguel Fraga, First Secretary of the Cuban Embassy for a discussion on U.S. and Cuban relations next Tuesday, Feb 26 at noon in the University Union, Auburn Room. The event is co-sponsored with International Programs and Global Exchange, Centers for Diversity and Inclusion, Center for African Peace and Conflict resolution, The Serna Center, and Center on Race, Immigration, and Social Justice.

POINT OF PERSONAL PRIVILEGE: This issue of CFA Headlines is my last; I will retire on March 1. I started with CFA almost 20 years ago and, along with my communications colleagues Shoshana Hebshi, then Brian Ferguson, and now Niesha Fritz, I’ve written CFA Headlines since its launch in 2003. What a long amazing trip it’s been!

I was not a kid destined at birth for college, but after several attempts and more years than some policy-makers would like to allow, I got my degree, in large part because of you, the faculty of the California State University. You believed in the People’s U. and you believed in me. I hope these years of work alongside you for CSU faculty and students, and more broadly for the future of public higher education, has been, in addition to our common cause, a small way to give back. The ‘resistance’ continues; I’ll be seeing you in other places, and I’ll be thinking of you always. Alice Sunshine, CFA Communications Director