In Other News…

HELPING HANDS: California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara was at Chico State for two days last weekend to meet with Camp Fire victims and host free workshops.

The workshops, held in Laxson Auditorium, offered an opportunity for fire victims to ask questions about insurance coverage, the rebuilding process, and what resources are available to them, according to the Chico Enterprise Record. One-on-one appointments with Department of Insurance experts also were offered over the weekend.

CFA sponsored snacks, coffee and water for the over 500 victims whom attended.

Lara, whom CFA endorsed in the November 2018 election, has said that the Department of Insurance will go to all lengths necessary to provide services to impacted residents. Lara is a graduate of San Diego State University.CFA sponsored snacks, coffee and water for the over 500 victims whom attended.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: The CFA Capitol Chapter hosted a standing-room only talk with Miguel Fraga, the First Secretary of the Cuban Embassy, on Tuesday.

Ambassador Fraga spoke on the history of U.S.-Cuba relations, educated the audience about Cuban politics and culture, and spoke to the injustice of the economic embargo by the U.S. against the people of Cuba, a policy borne out of imperialist ambitions of the early 1960s.

The event was co-sponsored by the Centers for Diversity and Inclusion, Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution, The Serna Center, International Programs and Global Exchange, and the Center on Race, Immigration, and Social Justice.