In Other News…

GOING, GOING, GONE: A statue of 25th President William McKinley that once overlooked Arcata Plaza, about a mile from Humboldt State, has been removed.

The statue, debated for decades as glorification of imperialism, genocide, and white supremacy, was removed before dawn last Thursday. The statue will be sent to Canton, Ohio, home of the William McKinley National Monument.

Click here to read more about the statue removal from the Times-Standard.

RETIREMENT SECURITY: The California Supreme Court upheld the foundation of retirement security for public works this week in its decision regarding “air-time” credits, the first in a series of pension disputes the court has agreed to review.

“The narrowly-crafted Court decision affirmed that the decision regarding “air-time” does not touch the core components of retirement security. Retirement formulas and years of service — the essential benefits already earned by workers –cannot be retracted under the ‘California Rule,’” Yvonne Walker, SEIU California board member and President of SEIU 1000 said in a statement.

“Today’s decision means keeping the promise of retirement security for SEIU public employees, and is welcome news to all those who work hard over their lifetimes keeping our air, water and food safe, educating our children, and supporting communities’ health and well-being.”

CFA has worked for years alongside SEIU to improve retirement security for public workers. Click here to learn more.