In Other News…

IN SOLIDARITY: Last week, CFA issued a statement of support for colleagues in the UC system, who went on strike March 20 to protest job outsourcing and unfair salaries.

“As a labor union, we understand the divide and conquer strategies that management employs, and we support our union siblings of the UC System in their efforts to secure stable and supportive working conditions and fair and just compensation. As faculty, we understand that without staff support, we cannot achieve the fundamental mission of providing quality public higher education to the students of California.”

The executive board of the California Conference of AAUP, of which CFA is an affiliate, also issued a statement in support of Union of Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE-CWA) and American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) workers.

Click here to read CFA’s statement.

HEAR HEAR: A bill that would update police deadly use of force standards in California is scheduled for a Capitol hearing on Tuesday, April 9.

AB 392, authored by Assemblymembers Shirley Weber and Kevin McCarty and co-sponsored by CFA, will be heard by the Assembly Committee on Public Safety. The “California Act to Save Lives” would ensure that police use deadly force only when there are no alternatives, and would update the standard used to determine whether officers’ criminal negligence makes them liable for taking someone’s life. Click here to read our news release about the bill.

The Anti-Police Terror Project is sponsoring a free bus from Oakland to the hearing. Click here to see details via the organization’s Facebook event page.