In Other News …

USE OF LETHAL FORCE BILLS:  On Tuesday, the Senate Public Safety Committee heard hours of testimony opposing SB 230, which is sponsored by the police and promoted as a more law-enforcement friendly option to AB 392 (Weber). The author, Sen. Caballero, took major amendments that removed all language regarding the use of force standard in California. As a result, the bill now focuses solely on training requirements – including implicit bias training – for the police. Implementation would be tied to the passage and signing of AB 392, which restricts the use of lethal force by police. The committee voted 7-0 to move the bill to Senate Appropriations. Prior to the amendments, CFA was deeply concerned that SB 230 would enshrine in statute police officers’ already broad authority to kill members of the public. “CFA will be watching the progress of both of these bills very closely,” said Lillian Taiz Chair of the Political Action/Legislative Committee.  “Changing the use of force standard from “reasonable” to “necessary” is long overdue. It is time, at long last, for change to come to law enforcement culture.”

LIBRARIANS TAKE ACTION AT CSU SACRAMENTO: Recent actions by the Sac State administration have united the Librarian faculty members of the CFA Capitol Chapter. Librarians are refusing to fall for the divide and conquer tactics their campus administration have been using. Faculty’s organizing efforts were put into action last week when the Office of Faculty Advancement refused to meet with the whole group who took time out of their day to attend the grievance meeting about Librarian workload. Refusing to accept administration’s unilateral assertion of “how things are done,” the group, who wore red and/or CFA stickers, collectively decided to send in three representatives while everyone else waited outside the room until the end of the meeting. This plan ensured administration still had to face them all. The Library faculty expect their organizing will grow stronger as they continue their fight to enforce the contract and demand administration does not erode shared governance. 


Workers around the state are rallying together at May Day events on May 1, which is celebrated around the world as International Workers’ Day. Wear your CFA gear and join contingents of CFA members who be participating. To find out more about the events, follow the links below.

You can contact your campus CFA Chapter to meet up with other faculty for these events around the state.