In Other News…

CUSTOMS AND BORDER PATROL ON CSU CAMPUS: Last Wednesday, many faculty and students at CSU Chico were left incensed and frightened by the presence of fully uniformed and armed U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officers at a university career fair, according to coverage in the school’s newspaper, The Orion. As outlined in the story, although CBP followed established protocols in registering for the event, the agency’s presence on campus was decidedly unsettling for many both on and around campus. CFA Chico Chapter President Tim Sistrunk approached the agents, telling them they were not welcome on campus while students with Students for Quality Education and the Gender & Sexuality Equity Coalition responded by handing out Know Your Rights cards. In a clear indication that campus officials were aware of the panic CBP’s presence would likely cause, the school’s Dream Resource and Counseling Centers were notified of the agency’s participation a week before the event. It also appears that CBP’s presence is in direct violation of a 2017 campus policy aimed at protecting undocumented students. CSU Chico students, faculty and staff have signaled they will continue to hold school administration responsible in order to prevent this from happening again.

CFA ENDORSES “SPLIT ROLL” INITIATIVE: Recently, CFA joined a host of other education groups in formally endorsing the 2020 “split roll” initiative, which would allow for the reassessment of commercial and industrial properties at current market levels. The revenue generated from the reassessment would, according to the Schools and Communities First campaign, “restore over $11 billion every year in revenue for our schools and local communities…” In the endorsement press release, CFA President Charles Toombs, said “The California Faculty Association is proud to stand with educators, parents and students across the state in strongly supporting the Schools and Communities First initiative. This critical initiative finally puts an end to the corporate tax loopholes that have robbed our schools and local governments of the resources needed to prepare our students for success in the 21st century. We can’t wait any longer to invest in our future.”

COMPLETE YOUR BARGAINING SURVEY TODAY: With our contract due to expire on June 30, 2020, the CFA Bargaining Team’s number one priority is to gather input from members in order to most effectively determine our priorities and drive our strategy. The bargaining survey is a critical part of this process and members have until November 25 to complete it online. In addition, members are also highly encouraged to attend a campus meeting, where you can meet members of the statewide Bargaining Team, find out more about the bargaining process, and hear what to expect in this process. 

Upcoming campus meetings include:

  • October 10 at Pomona
  • October 16 at Northridge, San Jose, Sonoma, and Stanislaus
  • October 23 at Bakersfield, Fresno, and San Marcos

CHILD CARE WORKERS WIN RIGHT TO UNIONIZE: On Monday, Governor Newsom signed AB 378 into law, granting the right to 40,000 California child care providers to unionize. This is a historic step forward for these workers, as their median hourly income, per child, is $12, with some providers making as little as only $5. They will now be able to leverage their collective strength in order to secure both improved benefits and fair wages. California is the 12th state in the nation to grant child care providers the right to organize. Check out KCRW’s story for more information and reaction to this important development.

CALIFORNIA’S NEW ONLINE COMMUNITY COLLEGE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Calbright College opened its virtual doors yesterday, with the San Francisco Chronicle reporting, “No students are enrolled yet. No faculty is hired. But Calbright is set to open Tuesday, and college officials say the state’s first fully online, free community college is off to a great start.” It’s not likely the rosy outlook of the college’s officials is widely shared, but you can decide that after you read the Chronicle’s story.