In Other News…

CFA SUPPORTS CHICAGO TEACHERS UNION (CTU), ONGOING STRIKE: In a powerful show of strength and solidarity 25,000 Chicago teachers went on strike on October 17 to, as CTU president Jesse Sharkey put it, “bring justice and high quality schools to the children and teachers of Chicago.” This marks the seventh time in seven years that CTU members initiated a strike. CTU’s primary objectives are to vastly improve the workplace for teachers and enhance learning conditions for students. They are striking for smaller class sizes, fully staffed schools, justice for students and families, and fair pay and benefits.

Since 2009, CTU has shifted its approach to traditional collective bargaining, a change that is reminiscent of our own union’s decision to play a more active role on matters related to anti-racism and social justice. The current leadership has in recent years used the bargaining table to pursue “common good” reforms, which are at the heart of this latest strike.

This week CFA released a statement of support for CTU’s actions, emphasizing its solidarity with Chicago’s teachers as they fight for “a contract that not only addresses the rights and needs of teachers and staff but that also seeks social justice for students and their families.” CFA members can keep up with developments on this matter by visiting the union’s campaign website.