In Other News…

LECTURER SHARED GOVERNANCE CONFERENCE: The 4th CFA Lecturer Shared Governance Conference will be held on Saturday, November 16th at Cal Poly Pomona. This day-long event will bring together lecturers, temporary counselors, temporary librarians, coaches, and tenure-track allies from across the CSU to engage on shared governance. The conference will include sessions onShared Governance is a Faculty Rightand Anti-Racism and Social Justice through Shared Governance. If you are interested in attending, please contact your campus lecturer representative or field staff for registration information. We especially encourage lecturers in Southern California who are within driving distance to attend. If you have any questions, please contact Bonnie Thorne or Mark Karplus.

CFA BARGAINING TEAM STILL COLLECTING MEMBER INPUT: CFA’s collective bargaining strategy is built on the fundamental idea of building power through active and engaged membership. That is why members’  input during the bargaining process is a central component to achieving our goals. Attending a campus meeting is a great way to get involved, and offers faculty the opportunity to meet with other members and engage in discussions about all things bargaining. If your campus meeting dates have passed, there will be meetings scheduled next semester as well. Another way is by filling out the bargaining survey. Be sure to send your responses by November 25! Finally, if you have ideas that you did not include in your survey response or wish to add, please send to bargainingideas@calfac.org. All of these options provide members with an opportunity to inform CFA’s Bargaining Team about their concerns, suggestions, and priorities.

ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN LABOR ALLIANCE (APALA) RELEASES NEW REPORT ON AANHPI WORKERS: APALA, a constituency group of the AFL-CIO, just released a report, Untapped Power: The Strength of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Working People, in an effort to highlight the experience of AANHPI workers. This  group represents over 50 ethnic groups and in excess of 100 languages, and makes up the most rapidly growing working age population in the country. In its press release, APALA states this group of workers “…is often overlooked and reduced to a single story that is the model minority myth,” whereas the reality is that members of the AANHPI community are actually overrepresented at both ends of the income spectrum. Kim Geron, a professor at CSU East Bay and a past Vice President of CFA is currently First Vice President of APALA. He recommends the report to all labor advocates committed to ensuring that working people have thriving communities, “This report dispels the misguided assumptions that many Americans maintain about AANHPI workers. The wrong story has been told for far too long, and our goal is to use this study to start telling the real story.”

Lisa Kawamura, co-chair of CFA’s API Caucus and Lecturer at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo added, “Let’s not forget that included in this population are more than 4,000 CSU faculty who identify as AANHPI and we teach 78,000 plus AANHPI students. Within these large groups of faculty and students, there is also an enormous range of diversity that is frequently overlooked in aggregate statistics and dominant narratives about model minorities that are common in our campus communities.”

UPDATE ON FIRES/CAMPUS CLOSURES: While the wildfires that have plagued California and impacted a number of CSU campuses have subsided – Cal Maritime resumed classes this morning – their effect on millions has been significant. Whether you have been affected recently or simply would like to know more about the resources and assistance available to CFA members, please take a moment to read our story from last week’s Headlines: Assistance for CFA Members Affected by California’s Wildfires. With the wildfire season expected to continue for the next several weeks, please take solace in knowing that you are not alone – your CFA siblings stand with you.