In Other News…

BARGAINING SURVEY TO CLOSE SOON – RESPOND TODAY: CFA’s Bargaining Team is working hard to construct a strategy for success as we edge closer to the expiration of our contract on June 30, 2020. As has been mentioned previously, a key part of that strategy is involving CFA members in defining priorities for our next contract.  If you are one of the thousands of members who have already responded, thank you! If you have not done so yet, please take a few minutes to share your feedback. The survey will close on November 25.

Our Fall 2019 campus bargaining meetings wrapped up last week, but there will be more opportunities to meet with bargaining team members next term.  “It was fantastic to meet so many new faculty members who want to get involved in the upcoming bargaining campaign and to reconnect with experienced folks who are ready,” said Antonio Gallo of CSU Northridge and chair of the CFA Contract Development and Bargaining Strategy Committee, who attended several of the meetings. “We know that strong activism on the campuses is the most critical part of a successful bargaining and it’s exciting to be gearing up again with so many new members on board.”

If members have suggestions or other ideas that were not captured by the survey, you can always send email to bargainingideas@calfac.org.

NOVEMBER IS NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH: The experience and contributions of the first Americans is recognized annually by our nation each November. This is an opportunity to reflect on the rich culture and traditions of Indigenous Peoples, while simultaneously recognizing and reflecting on the inhumane treatment they have experienced for generations. Special events marking this month are taking place across the CSU campuses.

In recent years, CFA members have sought to elevate the discussion surrounding both historical and present day issues facing Native Americans, most prominently through the formation of our union’s Indigenous Peoples Caucus in 2017.

CFA is committed to compelling the CSU Board of Trustees to fully recognize Indigenous Peoples’ diversity throughout the state university system. One of the issues that the caucus has brought to CFA concerns Land Acknowledgement and Recognition, and land acknowledgements and education about Indigenous lands have become a regular part of CFA meetings. In April, the statewide CFA Assembly passed a resolution committing our union to call on the CSU Chancellor and Trustees to create a formal process for publicly acknowledging that the CSU system is built on California tribal lands that were stripped from Native Americans. This letter to Chancellor White called attention to this matter in September and CFA will continue to advocate for action from CSU official when the Board meets next week.

U.S. SUPREME COURT HEARS DACA ARGUMENTS: Millions across the nation watched anxiously as the United States Supreme Court listened to nearly two hours of oral arguments over the federal government’s continued efforts to end the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program or DACA. According to an NBC News story published shortly after the proceedings, “A bare majority of the U.S. Supreme Court appeared likely Tuesday to let the Trump administration follow through on its plan to shut down DACA…” Ending the program would upend the lives of roughly 700,000 students nationwide who could potentially face deportation; California is home to 223,000 DACA recipients. Emphasizing the gravity of this case, as the Justices presided over the proceedings, hundreds of DACA supporters rallied outside the Supreme Court. A series of events also took place across California in a show of solidarity with DACA recipients, as thousands of supporters gathered to watch the proceedings, staged walk outs, and attended rallies and concerts. The Supreme Court did not provide a timeline for a ruling. During the next few weeks, we are likely to see more and more educational events surrounding this topic, much like the upcoming and 4th Annual Keeping the Dream Alive Conference at Sacramento State. The theme of this year’s conference is “Shifting the Undocumented Narrative from Surviving to Thriving.”