In Other News…

FIRST EVER LECTURER EMERITA: Dr. Jean Simutis is the first lecturer to be named Lecturer Emerita at CSU East Bay, effective Fall 2017. Starting in 1990 until she retired in 2015, she taught 15 different math courses, all as a Lecturer. Math Chair Julie Glass wrote, “Jean’s service to students, the department and university was exceptional. Congratulations Jean!”

HATE DEBATE: Last week, the California Senate held the first of three hearings to discuss how to balance protecting free speech with combating hate speech. While university campuses weren’t the only focus, they were a significant part of the hearing, and CFA was the only voice in the room that suggested hate speech be limited. The next hearing is scheduled for Oct. 18.

AN ELEVATED APPROACH: Thousands of CSU Lecturers and Librarians, who have worked for years without the ability to range elevate, can apply to move up starting this Fall—thereby receiving a notable salary increase of at least 5 percent. Click here to read more about Range Elevation Relief in the latest edition of California Faculty magazine.