In Other News…

We’re in Consensus:  Fill out the Census!!  Do you want to make sure local schools get the funding they deserve? 

Do you want to help California receive federal funding to support our homelessness population?

Do you want to contribute to keeping our water pollution free?

Then make sure you and your family are counted in the 2020 U.S. Census.  Every decade, America’s population is counted to determine how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding flow into communities every year for the next 10 years.  Data from the census established funding for: special education programs, children’s health insurance, food pantries and emergency food assistance, college readiness, university research, college extension programs, and head start and childcare.

“Census data collection and results have historically undercounted people of color, (un)documented immigrants, refugees, non-native speakers of English, farmworkers, LGBTQ, and people with disabilities, usually known as HTC or Hard-to-Count communities. With the COVID-19 emergency our Hard-to-Count communities are at a greater risk of a miscount, reinforcing in this way our invisible status in society! Even in the midst of this unsettling emergency we need to participate and be counted in the Census,” said Michelle Ramos Pellicia, CFA member and associate professor of Spanish Sociolinguistics at CSU San Marcos.

“The implications of a miscount will have a far much greater impact on our lives after we return to some kind of normalcy and we continue to live our lives with the threat of COVID-19. We stand to lose so much if we do not participate and if we do not encourage our loved ones, our friends and neighbors; our students and colleagues, to be counted,” added Ramos Pellicia, who serves as a Partner with the Census 2020 Regional Planning Meetings in North County San Diego. 

The Census is quick and easy.  The questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to complete, and you can do so online, on the phone, or via mail.

UC GRAD WORKERS STRIKE ADAPTS TO SOCIAL DISTANCING: Faculty and students aren’t the only ones using virtual tools to work and learn: The University of California Graduate Workers strike has gone virtual, too. 

After months of demonstrations, protests, and strikes, UC grad student workers are continuing their fight for a living wage while adhering to state orders for social distancing.  On March 30, organizers held strike school, office hours, and a teach-in on social welfare.  “We have been asked why we would continue a disruptive action in the middle of a crisis—shouldn’t we all pull together in the face of a common (invisible) enemy? No: we’re disrupting the continuing conditions which exacerbate the most grueling aspects of life under COVID-19 for so many of us,” wildcat strikers wrote in a commentary.  Grad workers say they do not earn enough to pay rent. 

Since the strike began, many graduate workers have been fired or suspended from their respective campuses.  To help them make ends meet, consider donating to their GoFundMe page.

CFA supports the student protestors and continues to draw inspiration from how they are organizing digitally.

LABOR URGES INDUSTRIES TO #PROTECTALLWORKERS:  As it has time and time again, the Labor movement is fighting for workers’ health, safety and rights during times of crisis.  Union workers are stepping up to protect Americans and provide resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.   Whether it’s SEIU-UHW locating 39 million N95 medical masks, AFGE winning access to more protective equipment for TSA officers at airports, and partitions for the millions of workers keeping grocery stores open, or the AFL-CIO demanding a universal set of safety guidelines from the federal government, Labor is leading the way.  For our part, CFA has pushed the CSU to expand paid administrative leave and teleworking policies to all our faculty.

SEIU is launching a Protect All Workers campaign to push industries and corporations to secure employee health and safety.  “We demand immediate, sweeping action by major industries, corporations, and government to secure the health, safety and long-term economic well-being of working people across America regardless of where they work, their race, their immigration status, or current healthcare coverage,” organizers state.  Their demands include fully-funded and accessible healthcare for every worker in America, including paid leave and 100%-paid testing and treatment for COVID-19, and keeping working families at the forefront of every emergency relief measure.  CFA is an affiliate of SEIU.

To help, check out the Protect All Workers website and spread the word.