In Other News…

UNEMPLOYMENT WEBINARS COMING SOON:  In light of California’s shelter-at-home orders, CFA is moving its Unemployment Insurance workshop to the web.

Leaders are updating the popular and resource-rich presentation with COVID-19 benefits and will hold three webinars over the next several months.  Contingent Faculty are entitled to unemployment benefits while they are not under contract.  These webinars will review eligibility, and how to apply for, collect, and maintain unemployment.  Registration will be open soon. In the meantime, save the dates: 

  • April 29, 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.
  • April 30, 6:30 to 8 p.m.
  • June 2, 5 to 6:30 p.m.  

WAYS TO HELP DURING PANDEMIC: As we adjust to self-isolation measures, many members are asking how they can help each other and express solidarity with other union members coping with the health and economic impacts of COVID-19.  Below are some suggestions. The most important things to do are consistently wash hands and abide by shelter-at-home guidelines.  Limit your in-person shopping to necessities.  And don’t forget to breathe in fresh air and soak up sun, when it’s out. 

To express union solidarity: Sign petitions supporting other workers.  Many employees are still working and coming into contact with hundreds of people each day, while their employers use the emergency to suspend portions of collective bargaining agreements. Support their efforts to require employers to provide personal protective equipment – especially for medical workers – and access to healthcare and paid leave.  Sign petitions urging expansion of relief for undocumented workers, like those who are risking their health to harvest our food.  Urge policy-makers to protect public transit agencies that are seeing decreased ridership.  Share your support widely and on social media.

To express humankind solidarity:

  • Donate to or volunteer at your local food bank.
  • Support small businesses that employ low-wage workers.
  • Collaborate with neighbors to check in on the most vulnerable in your community.
  • Consider giving blood; find locations here and here.
  • Donate to CERF+, which focuses on supporting visual artists’ livelihoods; donate here.
  • Support First Book: Donations will help deliver 7 million books to children in need who don’t have internet access or home libraries to keep learning; donate here.
  • Support Lawyers for Good Government Foundation: Helps thousands of asylum seekers being held in refugee camps at the border and in U.S. detention centers; donate here.
  • Donate to Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation: Directs money to organizations leading on-the-ground efforts in the restaurant community and provides zero-interest loans to businesses to maintain payroll during closure or reopen once the crisis has passed; donate here.