In Other News  

REGISTER FOR UNEMPLOYMENT WEBINARS:  Since many of our faculty are teaching and providing services from home, CFA is moving its Unemployment Insurance workshop to the web.  Leaders are updating the resource-rich presentation with COVID-19 benefits and will hold three webinars over the next several months. Contingent faculty are entitled to unemployment benefits while they are not under contract.  CFA member Antonio Gallo will lead the workshops. 

“The Unemployment Insurance workshop is a popular CFA resource,” said Gallo, a lecturer in the Chicano and Chicana Studies Department at Cal State Northridge. “The workshops offer tips on how to avoid pitfalls and denial of benefits. The information presented is critical to the livelihoods of many of our colleagues. This is more money in the pockets for underpaid lecturers.  And the more faculty receiving unemployment insurance, the more pressure we can put on lawmakers to convert lecturers from contingent faculty to non-contingent faculty.”

These webinars will review eligibility, and how to apply for, collect, and maintain unemployment.  Advance registration is required to attend – see registration links below. Participation is limited so please register for only one webinar.

If you haven’t signed up for CFA membership, consider becoming a member to ensure we can continue offering these critical services to our faculty. You can join CFA here


NEWSOM DETAILS PLAN TO LIFT COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS: On Tuesday, Governor Newsom announced six criteria that must be met before he lifts the shelter-in-place order implemented one month ago. Newsom did not offer a timeline, but according to The Mercury News, “did suggest the state could begin moving toward a gradual lifting of its orders” if hospitalizations and ICU rates lessen and personal protective equipment supplies are adequate for healthcare workers.

The six criteria to determine when/how the state will begin reopening and lifting its current restrictions include the ability to monitor and protect our communities through testing; the ability to prevent infection in people who are at risk for more severe COVID-19; and the ability of the hospital and health systems to handle surges. This comes a day after California, Washington, and Oregon announced a regional pact of western states for a shared vision for reopening their economies and controlling future outbreaks of COVID-19.