In Other News…

SECOND CFA RETIREMENT TOWN HALL MAY 19: Due to high demand, CFA is offering a second retirement town hall. Anyone nearing retirement, or seriously considering it, is invited to a Preparing for Retirement Virtual Town Hall webinar May 19 from 3 to 5 p.m. It’s an opportunity to get virtually all of your questions answered about retirement from CalPERS, Social Security, enrollment in Medicare, buying back service credit, and more. The town hall will be presented by Jonathan Karpf, retired CFA activist and benefits expert.  Register here.

CFA INDIGENOUS PEOPLES CAUCUS CALLS FOR CSU TASK FORCE: In addition to CFA’s advocacy at Tuesday’s Board of Trustees meeting, the CFA Indigenous Peoples Caucus (IPC) spoke to their support of the ethnic studies requirement and continued their advocacy efforts for land acknowledgment on every CSU campus. IPC members called for a system-wide task force that would help guide the efforts of every CSU campus to work with local tribal leaders, campus administrators, CFA and Native faculty, students, and staff to develop a land acknowledgement and protocol. Land acknowledgments should be conducted at the start of all campus formal events, meetings, and graduations in addition to meetings and events held at the Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach. The Chancellor and the Board of Trustees have been silent in the year that the IPC has made this reasonable request for the betterment of the CSU community and acknowledgement of the original caretakers of the land – the California Native Indians – which the CSU system is built upon.

“The CSU has the obligation to make the Land Acknowledgements a formal act by passing a resolution. These Land Acknowledgments recognize the California Indian nations and their spiritual connections as the first stewards and traditional caretakers of this land.  It is time to recognize them for their historical strength, perseverance and resistance. It’s RIGHT! It’s DUE! It’s TIME!” said Dr. Sandy Kewanhaptewa-Dixon (Hopi), department chair and professor in the Ethnic and Women’s Studies department at Cal Poly Pomona.  “Of all the issues the BOT reviews, this is an easy one. The BOT will demonstrate and acknowledge system-wide our faculty, students, staff, and Native communities – a recognition that is long past due.”

CFA MEMBERS CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FREE, DISCOUNTED INSURANCE BENEFITS: CFA is expanding member benefits!  Be on the lookout for emails detailing the new programs and when you can enroll!  Also, for more information, check our member insurance webpage – updated weekly with FAQs and benefit fact sheets!  

CFA already provides Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance through MetLife for CFA active members at no cost; members are enrolled when they sign up for membership. The complimentary life insurance provides a $2,000 benefit to loved ones in the event of a member’s death.  The AD&D insurance pays up to $5,000 in benefits to the member or loved ones in the event of a member’s serious injury or death. 

On top of these free benefits, members can also purchase additional life insurance, as well as hospital indemnity, critical illness, and 24-hour accident insurance.  More information on these programs will be emailed to members in the coming weeks.

Open enrollment begins May 26, 2020, and will run through June 19, 2020.  During this period, members can assign beneficiaries for the two free insurances (life and AD&D), as well as enroll and purchase the extra insurance programs.  Members can do so via phone or online, and benefit coaches will be able to review programs, benefits, eligibility, and cost.  Enrollment instructions will be rolled out as we get closer to May 26.  Members can schedule an appointment with a benefit coach by visiting https://CFA.AppointmentNavigator.com or calling 1-877-277-7476.

ASSOCIATION COVERING CSU ATHLETICS CANCELS FALL 2020 GAMES:  CFA is carefully monitoring the Fall 2020 plans for CSU Athletics. With the recent announcement from the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) that Fall 2020 athletic competitions will be cancelled, and in expectation that a similar announcement will be forthcoming from the NCAA, CFA chapter leaders are meeting with local administrations to demand that our coaching faculty are adequately supported and that their jobs are protected. Chapter leaders are also seeking to ensure that student athletes will not experience any negative repercussions as a result of these decisions.