Pay raises coming July 1

There is more than one way faculty members may benefit from the salary gains won in the latest faculty collective bargaining agreement, and now is a good time to take note.

On July 1, all faculty on CSU payroll will receive a 3.5% general salary increase (GSI).

In addition, faculty eligible for service step increases (SSI) will get a 2.65% increase on the anniversary date of your initial hire during the 2017/18 fiscal year. Don’t know if you are eligible? Contact your campus payroll or faulty affairs department.

Another pay increase is available to eligible long-term Lecturers via the “range elevation” process. Learn more about Range Elevation. To determine if you might be eligible for range elevation during 2017/18, use the CFA Range Elevation Estimator.

“CFA’s officers and board are pleased that faculty will receive these raises,” says CFA President Jennifer Eagan. “And, we are well-aware that if we hadn’t launched the ‘Fight for 5’ back in 2015, we probably would be at the bargaining table still, with no raises in sight and a precarious budget situation in the state.” 

Eagan praises CSU faculty, saying all should “take pride that our faculty’s fierce determination and willingness to prepare to strike won the raises we need to support our families while we carry out the CSU’s essential mission to educate California’s students.”