PERB win reinforces obligation of CSU to meet and confer

This summer Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) found in CFA’s favor in a case involving CSU Management’s issuing of Executive Order (EO 1053) regarding Counselor workload without meeting and conferring before implementation.

The decision requires that CSU management post this loss publicly on every campus, and highlights the importance of using all the tools provided by our contract to enforce workload and other rights. 

If you believe that a new campus or statewide policy may impact your workload or other working conditions, you should talk with your faculty rights representative.  As a union, we have the right to meet and confer before new policies are implemented.   Additionally, some policies or practices may violate the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  In the area of workload, unreasonable or excessive workload is proscribed for instructional faculty per Articles 20.3 b and c; counselors, librarians, and coaches should not be assigned work that requires working in excess of 40 hours per week.