Primary 2018: Thank you for your political action!

To all our CFA colleagues who have been working hard on political action efforts to help Labor-friendly candidates succeed during the primary election on June 5, THANK YOU!

Faculty from Humboldt to San Diego have been volunteering to help our endorsed candidates succeed. They’ve walked precincts, sent texts, and phoned voters by the thousands, and we appreciate their efforts.

“Everyone who has volunteered has helped make a difference; we are helping to ensure that those elected value and will support a strong public higher education system in California,” said Lillian Taiz, chair of CFA’s Political Action and Legislation Committee.

If you or your colleagues want to get involved, there is still time. We need faculty to continue to contact voters in the days leading up to the primary election, and on election day. Click here to sign up today.

If you haven’t yet sent in your ballot or need help deciding, check out our endorsements. CFA has endorsed candidates who have committed to helping protect public higher education, as well as those who uphold anti-racist and social justice values.

See you at the polls!