Program elimination threatens 160 faculty at SUNY Albany

Much like the CSU, the State University New York (SUNY) system has been ravaged by budget cuts in recent years. Administrators at SUNY have launched ill-conceived plans to “prioritize” and then eliminate entire academic programs – a process similar to those that CFA has fought vigorously here in California.

On October 1, the president of SUNY Albany announced plans to cut 160 full-time positions – including tenured faculty – in five programs: French, Italian, Russian, Theater, and Classics.

A coalition of faculty, students, staff, labor organizations and community groups at Albany are mobilizing fight-back efforts.

The group has set up a website to document the struggle at: http://sunyundersiege.pbworks.com/

CFA encourages faculty members in the CSU to visit the site and support our colleagues at SUNY however you can.