Prop 55 and the CSU: Three Reasons to Vote YES!

While Proposition 55 concentrates on providing tax revenue to K-12 and community college education, it would have an impact on the California State University.

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Here are three compelling reasons to vote YES on Prop 55:

  • Prop 55 would generate an estimated $8 billion to $11 billion in revenue each year, thus freeing up money in the General Fund for other needs, such as funding the CSU and other vital services.
  • Without Prop 55, the CSU could suffer a $250 million cut to its base budget each year.
  • We can’t afford any more cuts. The recession cut CSU funding by as much as a third, and the CSU still hasn’t recovered. In 2015, the CSU received 17.7% less from the state in real dollars (adjusted for inflation) than it did in 2007-08, despite there being 13.5% more full-time equivalent students to serve.

Our students, faculty and communities deserve better than to return to an era of drastic budget cuts, larger class sizes and understaffing. Vote yes on Prop 55.

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