“Proud to Be CFA” Week: Celebrations, Conversations, Information that say —We are the Union

The new political climate has many of us asking what will happen to our university and livelihoods. We are on the road to an answer when we say we are “Proud to Be CFA.”

Celebrations, social events, urgent workshops on our rights, conversations in offices and campus meeting places—all this and more is happening on CSU campuses this week as CFA members assert the right to a fair contract, and the responsibility to take a stand for public higher education.

“Anyone who depends on a paycheck is asking what it all means,” says CFA Membership & Organizing Chair D.D. Wills, referring to the new regime in Washington DC. “We in the CSU faculty have an advantage that more people need—the benefit of a union contract, with representation when we have difficulties at work.”

Wills, who teaches at Cal Poly Pomona, adds, “And, that is not everything about CFA. We speak out for the values that inform public higher education and the State of California, for our students, and for our communities.”

Reaffirm our shared commitment to stand up for each other as colleagues through the union. Participate in “Proud to be CFA” Week. Join CFA. Invite others to Join CFA.

PHOTO: Meghan O’Donnell, a CFA member and chapter leader at CSU Monterey Bay, displays her inner-CFA swag with Maureen Loughran, CFA Field Representative.