#ProudToBeCFA week to highlight CFA membership, March for Science

CFA chapters will be sporting red and beaming with pride next week as faculty invite colleagues to join the union and hold events to show solidarity and pride in CFA and its work.

At Humboldt, CFA members will hold a ‘Faculty Education Social’ on April 20 with letter writing to legislators about bills that would help and improve the CSU, while at San Marcos, a ‘Member Spotlight’ will be held and “Proud to be CFA” stickers will be distributed.

Events vary by campus, so check with your local CFA chapter to get involved and show your CFA pride!

Several chapters, including Chico, Humboldt, Los Angeles, Northridge, Sacramento, and San Jose, also will be organizing faculty to participate in the March for Science on April 22.

Janet Stemwedel, a CFA member and Chair of the Philosophy department at San Jose State, said the March for Science, and its local marches (including 40 in California), aim to bring together a diverse group of people who share the common belief that science can, and should, be a powerful tool for improving our democracy and contributing to the common good.

“This goal fits squarely with our mission as educators in the California State University system,” she said. “We pursue research to better understand the complexity of our world, and we share that knowledge with our students, our colleagues, policy-makers, and the broader public.”

“We recognize the potential of science and its methods while simultaneously recognizing the human dimensions of science,” Stemwedel said. “A world where we value evidence in our decision-making processes and support scientific inquiry that is not driven by profit is one where science can better benefit all of us in our everyday lives.”