Provost: “Cal Poly is on its Way to Becoming a Private university”

It seems the campus Provost at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo may have missed the memo about the CSU’s mission to provide quality, affordable education to California’s working class.

If it weren’t published in an article in the California Coast News on November 18, it would be almost impossible to believe the following statements were delivered by a high-ranking administrator in the CSU system:

California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo is planning to change its affiliation with the CSU system, Provost Robert Koob said Wednesday at a Retired Faculty Association luncheon. Koob told attendees the administration is working to privatize the university.

“Cal Poly is on its way to becoming a private university,” Koob said. “That is where much of the nation is going and that is where Cal Poly is going.”

Interestingly, since the article’s publication the school’s Public Affairs Office has come out and denied the report.

Privatization, it seems, is a messy business.