Race to the Bottom: Next CFA White Paper goes public Tuesday

CFA is preparing to release the second White Paper in the  “Race to the Bottom” series.

The paper will appear on the CFA web site, in conjunction with a public release, next Tuesday, March 24, at 10 am—the same day the CSU Trustees will hold their regular meeting.

On Wednesday, CFA members will address the Trustees about the findings in both the first and second “Race to the Bottom” papers.

The White Papers are tackling some of the key challenges to the CSU’s ability to live up to its primary mission—providing quality education for our students.

The first paper—“The CSUs 10-year Failure to Fund its Core Mission”—takes on the particular problem of stagnant CSU faculty salaries that cannot be explained away by recession or budget decisions at the state level.

The data shows that compared to the other public higher education segments within California, and compared to four-year state universities in other states, CSU faculty come up short.

It calls on CSU administrators to do a better job to make sure that the people who teach in the state university can be a part of California’s middle class.