Radio Free CSU Releases Episode 2 of COVID-19 Podcast

Radio Free CSU returns this week with the second episode in its latest series, “CFA and COVID-19.”

This week, host Audrena Redmond dives into an important issue affecting CSU faculty, staff, and students: “Vulnerable CSU Populations and How Racism, Bigotry Spread with the Virus.” The videocast and podcast this week discusses the rise in anti-Asian sentiment in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Joining Audrena this week are Darel Engen, PhD, a CFA Associate Vice President, South, and CSU San Marcos professor of history; Vang Vang, a Fresno State librarian specializing in linguistics, women’s studies, and student support services and CFA member; and Dr. Russell Jeung, a San Francisco State professor of Asian American Studies, a CFA member, and a co-launcher of StopAAPIHate.com, a website dedicated to collect stories and record acts of violence against Asian Americans during COVID-19.

The latest episode can be viewed here.

Two weeks ago, Radio Free CSU released its first episode, “The Onset of COVID-19,” where Audrena interviewed CFA President Charles Toombs, CFA Vice President Kevin Wehr, and CFA AVP Lecturers-North Meghan O’Donnell, via Zoom. They discuss what happened in the CSU in the first month of physical distancing because of COVID-19, the issues and concerns of faculty that arose from campuses and how CFA’s work has changed.  You can view the first episode and can watch our latest series on YouTube or on our website.

I don’t think that any of us will feel safe or feel some kind of normalcy if there is no vaccine,” said Vang Vang during episode 2. “Without a vaccine, we’re kind of in this holding stage of, you know, ‘should I make the decision to be physically there? Should I make decision to teach online to learn from online?’ And I think officials and our presidents and the Chancellor’s Office needs to understand that without that vaccine, there is no guarantee.”

Combating Hate Against AAPI Communities in the Age of COVID-19

Dr. Jeung, with funding from CFA, produced a video discussion on combating anti-Asian racism and hate due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Jeung hopes this video will be used as a teaching tool not only within the union, but also in classrooms to explore the historical context and contemporary social political context about the rise of racism and how we can mobilize together to challenge it.

Dr. Jeung’s video is expected to be released within the next week, with a watch party to follow. Stay tuned to CFA’s Facebook page and CFA on Twitter for the details on the video’s release.