Radio Free CSU Releases Episode 3 of COVID-19 Podcast

Radio Free CSU returns this week with its third episode in its latest series, “CFA and COVID-19.”

This week, host Audrena Redmond examines “The Great Adaptation: Changes to Teaching and Learning.” It’s an episode that dives deeper into the digital divide and issues faculty faced transitioning into a virtual teaching environment. It also examines the news of plans for a mostly virtual Fall semester announced by the Chancellor and what the university system must do to help its faculty and students.

Joining Audrena this week are Susan Frawley, a lecturer in the Department of Multicultural and Gender Studies at Chico State; Dr. Vanessa Lopez-Littleton, an associate professor of Health, Human Services and Public Policy at CSU Monterey Bay; and George Station, a lecturer in the Center for Teaching, Learning and Assessment at CSU Monterey Bay.

In the podcast, Lopez-Littleton said she, too, has experienced a digital divide and internet issues while trying to teach a class this semester.

“I found out my internet was down and stayed down all night, and when I got up in the morning at seven o’clock, I still couldn’t access the Internet,” said Lopez-Littleton in Episode 3. “So I just grabbed all of my stuff and I got in my car and drove down a block or two and sat in my car and did my 8am lecture just because there was, you know, there was no [other] option.”

There is only a podcast version of Radio Free CSU this week. You can listen to it on our website.