Range Elevation for Lecturers and Librarians: It Pays to Apply

For those unsure about what range elevation is exactly, here is a quick primer. Range Elevation is a simple descriptor for the process that Lecturers and Librarians with temporary contracts can initiate in order to “elevate” to a higher salary range – think Range A to B, B to C, or C to D, etc. If a Range Elevation is granted to you, you will receive either a 5% raise or the percentage increase needed to reach the next range at a minimum, whichever is greater. 

Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Lecturers and “Temporary” Librarians are eligible to apply for Range Elevation if they have worked for five years in their range and are at or above the “SSI Max” (meaning capped out in the salary range).

In 2016, CFA negotiated a supplemental agreement to significantly expand the group of eligible faculty to include long-term faculty who have not capped out in their salary ranges. It is a three-year agreement, and 2019-2020 is the final year.

“Every Lecturer who is eligible to apply for Range Elevation should do so! Not applying sends a message to the CSU Chancellor that Lecturers are not willing to take the time to apply for more money in their pockets but instead want to leave this money in the CSU’s budget,” said Leslie Bryan, CFA Associate Vice President – Lecturers.

For some perspective, during the last two years the vast majority of lecturers who applied for a Range Elevation were successful in their efforts. Range Elevation offers members the opportunity to advocate for themselves and let your campus administration know just how valuable you and your work are, so do not hesitate for a minute. Apply today. Bryan reiterates, “If we are given the opportunity for higher pay, we should take it!”

Campus administrations are supposed to notify those who are eligible but check with your CFA chapter to be sure. Deadlines and policies range from campus to campus, with some coming up this fall and others later in the Academic Year. Please be sure to check your specific campus range elevation policies by clicking here.

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