Re-opener bargaining on Year 2 of faculty contract underway

The CFA Bargaining Team and CSU management met today and will meet tomorrow (June 17-18) to bargain over faculty salary during 2015/16 as well as benefits for those faculty teaching in Extension for Credit Education.

At their May meeting, the CSU Trustees adopted a resolution (see page 5 of PDF) instructing the Chancellor’s Office bargaining team to offer a 2 percent compensation pool to faculty.

The CFA Board of Directors and CFA Bargaining Team have indicated that 2 percent is insufficient given the loss of salary over the years. A 2 percent compensation pool fails to address the problems and issues set out in CFA’s Race to the Bottom papers.

Kevin Wehr, chair of the CFA Bargaining Team said, “We look forward to informing our members after Thursday’s bargaining session exactly what is on the table – from the CSU and from our CFA bargaining team.”