Red pen time: CFA president corrects Sac Bee on tuition hikes

CFA President Jennifer Eagan tackled a Sac Bee editorial calling for higher CSU and UC tuition with her own opinion article that appeared on Sunday, Jan. 22.

In “Raising tuition on CSU students not justified,” Eagan argued, “While the editorial suggests that the state could use ‘its financial clout to help lower interest rates on student loans,’ that’s a bankrupt approach. Aid by way of grants is laudable. Aid by way of loans is laughable.”

Eagan referenced CFA’s findings in “Equity Interrupted: How California is Cheating its Future,” to provide context for and insight into the CSU and its students.

 “Our students, who are increasingly students of color, low income and first-generation college students, receive less support now than students received 30 years ago,” she wrote

Eagan will address the CSU Trustees next week about the disturbing findings in CFA’s research and the urgent need to change course on the cost of higher education to students and their families.