“Reopener” bargaining on raises set for July 1-3

Next month CFA & CSU management will re-open talks on the salary section of the current faculty contract.

Bargaining sessions – which are scheduled for July 1-3 – will center on faculty salary in 2013/14 the academic year.

After Gov.Jerry Brown included a $125.1 million funding increase in his proposed budget last January, CSU Chancellor Timothy White announced that if the extra funding came through, he would allocate $38 million to raises for employees; only the highest paid senior managers were explicitly left out of the $38 million pool.

The $38 million represents 1.2% of the total pool for all employees. The amount and types of compensation will be determined by the bargaining process for all employees represented by their respective unions.

Beyond reopening the salary section now, the entire faculty contract expires in June 2014.