Sac State students vote on new campus-based fee

Sacramento State students voted yesterday and today (Dec. 3) on whether to impose another campus-based fee (known technically as a Category II Fee).

Similar fees at other campuses have led to protests at CSU Trustees meetings and formation of a study committee by the Chancellor’s Office.

Noting that on other campuses, students weren’t aware of votes on fee hikes, the Sacramento chapter of Students for Quality Education tabled both days to tell students about the vote and provide laptops so students could vote on the spot.

If adopted, the mandatory fee will go to build and maintain a new event center on campus that hosts sports games and possibly TED talks—the TED talks promoted as a reason for the event center remain hypothetical.

The fee would add an extra $219 per semester — a 6% hike — and rise yearly with inflation. It would start in Fall 2015, despite the statewide tuition freeze Gov. Brown has made a requisite to his CSU funding proposals.

Other campuses also are considering new fees. At CSU Monterey Bay, fees would go to a new recreation center and rise in increments to as much as $700 a year.