Sal Castro, teacher who led ‘68 Chicano student walkouts, remembered

Sal Castro remembered

Sal Castro, a Los Angeles social studies teacher and Chicano rights activist, died last week at the age 79.

Castro played a leading role in 1960s Chicano student walkouts.

Read the obituary from the Los Angeles Times.

The son of Mexican immigrants, Castro was born in Los Angeles but spent some of his early childhood in Mexico. He couldn’t speak English when he returned to Los Angeles in the second grade and was made to sit in the corner.

Castro was a social studies teacher at Lincoln High School near downtown in March 1968 when he supported and joined walkouts by hundreds of Mexican-American students.

These “blowouts” protested run-down and overcrowded East Los Angeles schools, poor teachers and discrimination. Castro earlier worked with students and graduates to present the school board with a list of demands aiming to improve the schools.

CFA activist Rita Ledesma (Child & Family Studies, Los Angeles), who participated in the “blowouts” as a student at Roosevelt High, penned a touching remembrance of Castro that can be viewed on the CFA website.