San Diego State first to commit to Campus-Based Equity Pay Program for faculty

March 11, 2015

As a result of CFA’s push for the implementation of campus-based Equity Pay programs, San Diego State became the first of the 23 California State University campuses to announce implementation of such a program. 

These campus-based programs are intended to address years of salary structure problems plaguing the faculty who teach at CSU campuses.

San Diego CFA Chapter President Charles Toombs called the program a “good first step,” while noting that it does not go far enough in addressing inequities from years of salary stagnation experienced by too many of the faculty.  

In a statement on behalf of the San Diego CFA Chapter, Toombs commended San Diego State campus President Elliot Hirshman for “the collaborative spirit in which President Hirshman consulted with CFA on the Equity program.”  

Toombs went on to assert, however, that “the program does not commit enough funds, nor cover enough faculty members, to provide adequate salary relief,” and that “the program does not directly or sufficiently address Salary Inversion, which should be a major focus of an Equity program.”  

The San Diego CFA chapter had proposed a more comprehensive Equity program that would have provided larger increases, and would have provided those increases to all faculty members.

The CFA chapters on other CSU campus have encountered varying degrees of cooperation or resistance from campus presidents in developing their campus programs.

CFA President Lillian Taiz commented, “We are pleased to see at least one of the CSU campuses implement a campus equity program. Though it has shortcomings, we hope that San Diego State’s action has now broken the bottleneck and that other campuses will, in short order, follow suit.”