The San Jose Mercury News recommends you vote Yes on Prop 30

Yes on Proposition 30

Add the San Jose Mercury News to the growing list of newspaper editorial boards urging a ‘Yes’ vote on Proposition 30.
In an editorial published Saturday, the newspaper wrote:
“We are reluctant to recommend raising any taxes during this plodding economic recovery. But the state of our schools, now near the bottom nationally in per-pupil funding, places California at risk of having too few qualified workers in the next decade. That would further cripple our economic growth.

“Proposition 30 is no substitute for long-term reforms in education funding, pensions and other areas, but it is a measured and sensible response to this crisis. Proposition 38 would raise more money for schools overall but would pile on bureaucracy and restrict flexibility.

“We recommend voting yes on Proposition 30 and no on Proposition 38.”

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