San José State becomes a flashpoint in the online debate

Online Debate

San José State has continued to be at the forefront of the debate on how to use online tools in higher education.

Earlier this month the members of the CFA executive board at SJSU published a paper entitled “Massive Virtual Fires Engulf San José State University,” which explores campus president Mo Qayoumi’s aggressive push towards online. The paper states:

“The faculty association is alarmed by the expressed preference of President Qayoumi for private rather than public solutions for the CSU.”

The issue again bubbled to the fore at the university’s commencement last weekend.

Pat Lopes Don – a professor of history at SJSU and former member of the campus CFA executive board – gave a moving speech at the History Department Commencement about the state of higher education in California and the impact of MOOCs and other emerging technologies.  She said:

“Many of the current reforms and innovations of education and technology that are touted in the press seem to be going in another direction. They are not innovative in the pedagogical sense at all, meaning actually improving teaching and learning.

“In fact the goal seems to be less about quality of education and more about distributing the education we already have in order to, ostensibly, reduce the cost of educating students in public higher education.”

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