Save the Date: CFA sets Lobby Day calendar

Mark your calendars for April 4-5, when faculty and students will head to the State Capitol to meet with lawmakers in an effort to boost state funding for the California State University system.

The two-day event, hosted by CFA, will draw activists, leaders, and students from all 23 campuses throughout the state.

The main focal point will be increased funding for the CSU. The CSU Board of Trustees had requested $343.7 million more in state funding for the 2017-18 fiscal year, but Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal only increased the CSU’s state funding by $161.2 million. Click here to read CFA’s statement on the budget.

“We’re going to be urging our partners in the Legislature to work with us, and reinvest in our university system, which serves nearly a half-million students each year,” said Lillian Taiz, Chair of CFA’s Political Action and Legislation Committee. “The CSU has been losing ground financially for years and it’s time for that trend to start reversing. We are going to do everything we can to ensure our students receive the support and quality education they deserve.”

Click here to read more about the state budget and CFA’s position.