SEIU campaign examines predatory, proprietary colleges & universities

SEIU Campaign

A new informational campaign from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) – of which CFA is an affiliate – is taking aim at the for-profit education sector.

The new project is called “For-Profit U” and highlights the pitfalls of attending many for-profit schools, particularly those owed by large Wall Street corporations.

Visit the website.

Through the website and other educational efforts, SEIU hopes to limit student debt, prevent for-profit schools from targeting minorities and veterans through deceptive recruiting practices, end the waste and abuse of federal education money, and ensure high standards of employment and contracting.

In a related article published over the weekend, Truth-out.org lays bare the realities of how the for-profit higher education industry reveals striking parallels between the economics of the for-profit colleges and universities and the Wall Street financial meltdown of 2008.