SEIU: CFA participates in SEIU Convention in Detroit

MAY 2016—More than 3000 delegates convened in Detroit last weekend for the 2016 SEIU International Convention and CFA was there.

One highlight of the weekend was a meeting focused on higher education under the auspices of Faculty Forward, SEIU’s adjunct organizing campaign. It was attended by newly organized and soon-to-be unionized adjunct faculty from around the country, many of whom took inspiration from CFA’s work.

The Faculty Forward meeting room was packed with upwards of 80 adjunct faculty who networked and shared the dramatically-improved working conditions they achieved.

CFA Vice President Kim Geron, said of the higher ed meeting:

It inspired optimism in us, given how long we in CFA have been working in faculty union organizing, to witness people from unionization campaigns across the country share their organizing experiences, their commitment to address the crisis in higher education and their work for accessible, affordable, quality education.

This was a dramatic increase in higher education participation in SEIU compared with the convention four years ago. It reflects SEIU’s success with its “metro strategy,” which involves unionization drives at many campuses in a region to build momentum. The strategy takes into account the reality that adjuncts teach on multiple campuses to cobble together a living.

The moderator singled out CFA for our successful strike campaign and Tentative Agreement.

See a Photo Gallery of CFA at the SEIU Convention

PHOTO: CFA delegates at the 2016 SEIU Convention (Clockwise from front): CFA Past-President Lillian Taiz, CFA Vice President Kim Geron, CFA Associate VP-South Charles Toombs, CFA Associate VP-Affirmative Action Cecil Canton, CFA Associate VP-Lecturers North Jonathan Karpf. Also there were: CFA Treasurer Susan Green, CFA Board of Directors Member Chris Cruz-Boone, CFA Political Director Djibril Diop, CFA Southern Regional Organizing Director Michelle Cerecerez, and Interim General Manager Larry Hendel.