SEIU: CFA President Jennifer Eagan named to SEIU International Executive Board

The 2016 Service Employees International Union Convention in Detroit in May elected CFA President Jennifer Eagan to its International Executive Board.

CFA Vice President Kim Geron noted:

This is the first time a CFA president has been elected to the SEIU board, and it reflects the growing influence of public higher education in SEIU and the importance of CFA’s role. CFA sets an example in our own work for what is possible now, and we participate in faculty organizing campaigns to help create new possibilities for faculty across the nation.

The convention also elected Mary Kay Henry as SEIU President, Gerry Hudson as Secretary Treasurer, and seven International Vice Presidents including longtime California Local 521 leader Luisa Blue, who is the first Asian-Pacific Islander to serve as an SEIU International VP.

CFA is affiliated with SEIU as well as with the National Education Association/California Teachers Association and the American Association of University Professors.