Senate hearing on CSU budget needs faculty voices

The CSU budget needs and deserves additional state funding this fiscal year, a message CFA will be taking to a state Senate Budget Subcommittee on March 15 at the State Capitol.

Faculty and student voices are needed to help drive home the message that lawmakers need to reinvest in the People’s University. Real stories from those most impacted by budget decisions – our underrepresented students and their teachers – can make a lasting impression, and impact, on policymakers.   

CFA is looking for faculty and students from the Central Valley and Northern California campuses to attend and participate. If you can attend, Email CFA’s Government Relations Office to sign up or for more information. CFA will reimburse the cost of mileage and parking, or the cost of a train ticket.

CFA is advocating for an additional $422.6 million in state funding for the CSU, which could better help meet the CSU’s funding needs, increase access for an additional 18,205 students, and potentially help stave off proposed tuition increases.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget includes just $92.1 million in additional funding for the 2018-19 fiscal year, yet the governor is stashing millions of dollars into the state’s rainy day fund. Public investment in the CSU has been on the decline for more than 30 years and coincides with a dramatic shift in the state’s demographics as CA went from being a majority to minority white.

It is time for Gov. Brown, and state lawmakers, to do the right thing for today’s diverse student body and allocate the additional funding the CSU needs and deserves.

The hearing will be held at 9:30 am March 15 in Room 3191 at the State Capitol. Click here for more information and to contact CFA’s team.