Sharing with students: Why are faculty talking strike?

CFA Fresno Chapter President, Diane Blair wrote a letter that was published in the campus newspaper, the Fresno Collegian, this week.

Blair wrote in the letter,

“In the end we believe we must stand up for ourselves and for the importance of our role protecting the university’s core mission. We think this is an important lesson for our students, too. There is a point when people must say, this has to be fixed, and we will not give up until it is fixed.”

In a conversation explaining her reasons for sending the letter to her campus newspaper, Blair commented,

“It is important that we be upfront and transparent with our students about our contract dispute. They need to know what is at stake—not only for the faculty and our families but for their own education as well.”

A photo published with the letter, depicted the Fresno CFA Chapter’s “Race to the Bottom” skit performed on campus during the Strike Authorization Vote in October. The skit was a world premiere bringing CFA’s message to the campus community.