SLO CFA chapter rallies for fair pay, quality education

An estimated 300 faculty and students rallied and protested at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Thursday, calling out campus administration for not investing enough money in its Equity Pay program.

Protestors delivered hundreds of signatures to President Jeff Armstrong, lamenting stagnant faculty wages and over-inflated administrative salaries.

“It started with reneging on promised salaries. We had a furlough,” Graham Archer, CFA Chapter President at SLO told KSBY-TV. “Now we’re at the point that it’s boiling over.”

The protest and signatures drew a response from Armstrong, who wrote a letter to the editor in The San Luis Obispo Tribune Saturday. Click here to see The Tribune’s rally coverage.

“Cal Poly faculty and staff have legitimate reasons to be angry about compensation. As administrators of a state-funded university, my leadership team and I have been forced to make difficult choices,” he wrote. “Those decisions can be scrutinized from many different perspectives, but they are based upon what we believe will drive the success of our students and university as a whole.”

Faculty at SLO responded with their own letter to the editor in the Tribune.

“If you hadn’t had a raise in years and your new boss suddenly hired scores of bosses with astronomic salaries, then gave them whopping raises, all the while double-talking about his commitment to you, how would you feel?” wrote Kevin Clark and Harvey Greenwald. “After eight years of salary stagnation, Cal Poly’s faculty is challenging the outrageous 30 percent increase in yet more bosses, not to mention their huge salaries and brazen salary increases.”