Social, educational justice a focal point at CFA’s Equity Conference
CFA Equity Conference 2016

CFA is in the midst of preparing for an historic strike, but faculty activists converged March 18-19 to discuss social and educational justice for students and colleagues at our 2016 Equity Conference in Los Angeles.

This year’s Equity Conference featured highly motivated and energized speakers, as well as presenters and attendees concerned about fairness and social justice within the CSU and our communities.

Faculty, who are foremost educators, also wear many hats, and this year’s conference foregrounded their passion and compassion for many people who are still denied access and equal opportunity.

“I have never observed so much passion, enthusiasm, and determination among attendees to fight for what is right, to fight for a fair salary increase. It was simply amazing,” said Charles Toombs, Co-Chair of the Equity Conference, CFA’s Associate Vice President South, and a Professor of Africana Studies at San Diego State.

Keynote Speaker Kevin Johnson, Dean of the University of California School of Law, spoke about undocumented students, and emphasized the importance of understanding the daily fear they experience about themselves or their families being deported or otherwise “found out.” That fear is one of many challenges students face as they struggle to be successful.

The conference also featured workshops regarding our need to understand the difficulties of Trans and Non-Gender Binary students; the role of “Essential Functions” of faculty and students with disabilities; challenges Ethnic Studies departments and programs face; and the Black Lives Matter movement and how it has helped us all focus on enduring race, class, and gender inequities. Moreover, faculty, faced with salary inequities in the CSU, brought their energy and determination to strike to every part of the conference.

The conference also featured new data and research regarding race and gender issues in the CSU. To read the CFA Equity Report 2016, click here.

Top left: CFA leaders Erma Jean Sims, Sharon Elise, Charles Toombs, Cecil Canton, Equity Conference Keynote Speaker Kevin Johnson, and José Cintrón. Front left: CFA’s Dorothy Chen-Maynard and CFA President Jennifer Eagan.