Solidarity for fellow K-12, university educators

From K-12 to higher education, educators this week are facing lockouts, taking strike votes and walking picket lines in an effort to secure badly needed fair pay, improve working conditions, and protect student learning environments.

CFA stands shoulder to shoulder with all of our colleagues facing these struggles, and has issued statements of support for faculty at Long Island University in New York, faculty in the state university system of Pennsylvania, and Yuba City teachers.

“Educators are fighting a battle over the future of education, particularly public education committed to the common good, while falling out of the middle class themselves,” said Jennifer Eagan, CFA President. “Nationwide, we see the same recurring story in public education—management pressure to accept lower pay, loss of job security, and more students in packed classrooms. This has a direct impact not only on our work but on the quality of the education we can deliver to students.”

In Yuba City, elementary, middle and high school teachers—members of the Yuba City Teachers Association—are on Day 5 of a strike over salaries. “No one wants to strike, but sometimes that is what it takes to show management that teachers are unified in their fight for fair wages and proper working conditions,” said CFA Treasurer Susan Green in a CFA News Statement.

In New York, faculty at Long Island University have been locked out of teaching since Labor Day, and have had their health benefits suspended even while in contract negotiations. “This sort of heavy-handed action on the part of LIU’s administration is unprecedented in U.S. higher education and is unacceptable.” Click here to read the full CFA statement.

And in Pennsylvania, faculty in the state university system have voted to authorize a strike over unsuccessful contract talks. “CFA calls on the public higher education administration in Pennsylvania to commit to the common good by reaching a fair settlement with APSCUF and not forcing the faculty to take stronger measures…” Click here to read CFA’s statement.